“Started by budding comedians in early 2013, Brew Haha has become a backyard sensation to those in the know.”

One part comedy show, two parts drinking game, Brew Haha is a hilarious interactive mix of standup comedy and your favorite pre- party ritual. At the beginning of every show, the hosts introduce the crowd to a set of rules created specifically for that show.When comics, unbeknownst to them, break a rule, the audience drinks. A giant light-up “drink” sign will help you play along. A second game, specifically for the performers, ensures that as the audience gets toastier, so do the comedians.

The rules are simple, but nobody is forced to participate, and the hosts ensure everyone gets home safe. Following the show, the backyard is immediately transformed from makeshift comedy club into a killer house party that goes all night. So if you get the chance, make sure you experience the show that a super famous comedian once called "the worst idea for a show ever.



Brad Silnutzer

Brad thought of the idea for Brew HaHa one night while drinking. The rest...he forgets.

Favorite Drink: Whiskey Ginger. The whiskey keeps the hair on the chest. The ginger keeps the hair...red.

Favorite Brew Moment: Co-Producer Aaron drinking so much that he forgot he had already performed.


Jimmy Ambrose

Jimmy The Bartender came from the East to fight to protect your souls and pour your drinks."

Favorite Drink: Champagne

Brew Moment: The time a neighbor came over to complain and ended up partying with us.


Aaron Black

Aaron Black is a stand up comedian, sketch comedy artist (and I stress the word artist), and Brad's roommate and confidant. Aaron is designated team bitch, he does what he's told and is very loyal. He tried hosting once, and pronounced every comic's name wrong, which may be funny but certainly not professional or an accomplishment. Aaron will answer direct yes or no questions but don't make eye contact with him for too long, puts him on edge.

Favorite Drink: The Blackout (double jack and coke), currently the market for making people "dangerously sloppy".

Favorite Brew Moment: Can't remember...but late night break dance fighting with Brad is a close second.